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Benefits of Public Power

Consumer-owned utilities deliver substantial benefits to the people and communities they serve.

Non-Profit Rates

All consumer-owned utilities sell electricity at non-profit rates. This is important to keep in mind as energy markets change and consumers face rate increases. Overall, public power customers pay lower electricity rates than customers of for-profit utilities.

Local Control

Consumer-owned utilities are owned and regulated by the people they serve. Customers have the opportunity to vote for board members or commissioners who set rates and policies for the electric utility. This local decision-making process  is an important reason why public power utilities are so successful. After all, who knows better what is good for the community than the people living in it?

Commitment to Community

Consumer-owned utilities work in partnership with the people and communities they serve. Through the public decision-making process, they develop policies, programs and services that are responsive to community needs. They provide jobs, tax revenue, economic development, and other programs that support and strengthen the community.



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